University Marketing

University Marketing

University Marketing—one of the first university marketing departments in the country—uses consumer insights and creativity to grow Penn State’s brand presence on a global scale. Our team is charged with improving key brand metrics like awareness and favorability, creating breakthrough advertising campaigns, setting the creative tone for the University, developing digital strategies, and managing Penn State’s visual identity system.

Brand Management //

We advance the Penn State brand by developing and testing audience-centric messaging, strategies, and positioning that tell our stories in active and compelling ways. This includes managing the Penn State Brand Book and collaborating across Strategic Communications to ensure a steady flow of content is delivered to core audiences through key media channels.

Our team also produces print and digital editions of Research Penn State, an award-winning magazine that captures the diversity and accomplishments of research across the University.

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Creative and Production //

Through graphic design, photography, video, and other visual strategies, we establish and transform the way the Penn State brand is visually represented. Our team develops best practices for visual storytelling across the University, which includes designing and maintaining the visual elements on the Penn State Brand Book, producing engaging videos, and acting as design consultants to individual University marketing units, as needed.

Our team also has a key role in designing the University’s website, marketing and advertising, presentations and materials for select University executives, and more.

By the Numbers //

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Advertising //

We manage high-impact advertising campaigns based on extensive research and collaboration with partners across the University. This includes working with Undergraduate Admissions to produce targeted enrollment advertising that increases awareness and drives applications to the University.

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Visual Identity //

We oversee all aspects of the University’s visual identity system, including the use of Penn State marks, individual unit identities, and visual and editorial standards.

Our team maintains comprehensive policies for both internal partners and external vendors on the proper use of the University identity in all instances, including on websites, communications materials, and merchandise. Please visit the Visual Identity website for more information on using the Penn State academic mark and shield.

Filming and Photography Permissions //

We oversee and manage all requests by non-University organizations or individuals wanting to film at any Penn State location. A filming or photography agreement may be required.

Members of the news media are not required to obtain permission to film at University exterior locations, although notifying Penn State News and Media Relations is recommended. Feature filming by media that involve longer timeframes or multiple locations may require a film agreement.

Digital Strategy //

Our team gathers and evaluates data to inform strategies and track effectiveness of marketing and advertising efforts. This includes maximizing and analyzing digital channels for improved targeting, flexibility, optimization, and analytics.

We are responsible for maintaining the University’s web presence, working with colleagues across Strategic Communications to bring design and content to life online. Our team also creates and implements best practices and standards for University web development.