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Campus and Community Events fosters a strong and productive relationship between Penn State and the greater University community. The department nurtures a feeling of pride and accomplishment among parents and students, centered on our management of all commencement ceremonies. For the University's highly sought-after graduates, the ceremony is the culmination of years of hard work and achievement. We strive to ensure that all students understand the University's commitment to their future.

In addition to commencement ceremonies, staff manage selected events for the Office of the President, such as the faculty/staff awards ceremony, the student academic achievement awards ceremony, the President's open house, and holiday card. The department also coordinates visits by U.S. presidential candidates and former presidents (e.g., George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton), governors and gubernatorial candidates (e.g., Ed Rendell, Tom Corbett, Pat Toomey), legislators (e.g., Jake Corman, Glenn Thompson, Joe Biden), and other visits by national and international figures.

Staff members represent and manage the University's involvement in projects and activities with local municipalities and community organizations; oversee activities associated with the annual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts; and manage Penn State's participation in the United Way campaign, an annual campaign of nearly $900,000. Staff members are charged with interpreting and implementing University policies such as those connected with free speech, commercialization, and facilities usage.

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