Campus and Community Events

Campus and Community Events

Campus and Community Events fosters a strong and productive relationship between Penn State and the community, ensuring our brand is positively represented to students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, and community members. Our team manages a number of events, including commencement ceremonies, awards recognition ceremonies, and more.

Nittany Lion shrine with a graduation cap

Commencement //

We nurture a feeling of pride and accomplishment among students and families, centered on management of commencement ceremonies. For the University’s highly sought-after graduates, the ceremony is the culmination of years of hard work and achievement. For more information, please visit the Penn State Commencement website.

United Way //

Our team manages Penn State’s participation in the Centre County United Way campaign, an annual fundraising campaign of nearly $750,000 that supports education, financial stability, and health in Centre County. Our efforts include managing communications and coordinating the Penn State United Way Steering Committee, which hosts such special events as Trash to Treasure, Charity Stripe, and more.

By the Numbers //

commencement ceremonies per year
students involved in commencement ceremonies annually
awards recognition ceremonies per year
annual Office of the President Open House

Office of the President Events //

In addition to commencement ceremonies, we manage such selected events for the Office of the President as the faculty/staff awards recognition ceremony, the student awards recognition ceremony, and the President’s Open House.

Community Partnerships //

Our team represents and manages the University’s involvement in projects and activities with local municipalities and community organizations, including overseeing activities associated with the annual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. We are also charged with interpreting and implementing such University policies as those connected with expressive areas (AD51), commercialization (AD27), and facilities usage by non-University groups (AD02).